A retreat, a resource, a refuge

White Oak Bayou Park concept
Free of threats from TxDOT highway expansions, we can envision the park that Houstonians deserve.

Miles of trails providing recreation and transportation; protection against flooding and urban heat islands; a sanctuary for hundreds of species of birds White Oak Bayou and its greenways provide vital assets to all Houstonians. We can make this park even better, but first we need to protect it from unnecessary freeway expansions.

A park in all but name

It looks like a park. It acts like a park. But it’s not, at least not officially. Federal law can protect park lands, but we must first let our leaders know that this should be an official park!

White Oak Bayou Park Map
Stude Park south
Stude Park south
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods
White Oak Bayou Greenway
White Oak Bayou Greenway

An Asset to Our Community

A place to run, to play, to gather together—parks are vital to the value of our community. White Oak Bayou plays a central role in the lives of thousands of Houstonians every day.

For park acreage, access, and amenities, Houston ranks a disappointing 71 out America’s 100 largest cities*. Removing what little parkland we have to build more highway ramps will only make this worse, lessening the value of our neighborhoods, and the city as a whole.

Stude Park
blue heron

A Defender of Our Environment

The White Oak Bayou Greenway contains nature preserves that provide habitat to our iconic wildlife, including the Great Blue Heron. The greenway’s forests clean the air and retain water, protecting us from urban heat islands and flooding.

Disturbing this area will lead to a loss of biodiversity and will hurt our ability to be climate resilient.

A Plan for a Better Houston

World-class cities have world-class park systems. We need to cherish and protect what makes us great.

The city believes this too. The conservation of our natural resources is a cornerstone of Plan Houston, adopted in 2015. In 2012, by a 68% majority, Houston voters passed a $166 million bond to fund city parks. $100 million was earmarked for Bayou Greenways 2020 to create 150 miles of parks with hike-and-bike trails along Houston’s major waterways.

Replacing parks with more concrete is not only bad for Houston, it is undemocratic and undoes the will of the people.

biking and running by White Oak Bayou

What happens if TxDOT gets this space?

Access to green space, opportunities for exercise and recreation, and acres of woodlands will be destroyed by TxDOT’s freeway expansions.

The planned 90 foot elevation and expansion of I-10 from Heights Boulevard to I-45 is widely opposed by the community for its negative impact on the greenways, bayou, and adjacent neighborhoods. Dwarfing the Katy freeway in every way, TxDOT’s planned I-45 expansion will place thirty-one lanes over the middle of White Oak Bayou Greenway–bringing noise, pollution, and traffic congestion.

With the loss of views, increase in noise pollution and flooding, and degraded public areas, neighboring home values will decrease.

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