I-10 Project Update, TxDOT Meetings on January 16th and 17th

Happy New Year! We have an update on the I-10 project and how it will affect White Oak Bayou and the surrounding area. We will have an update on the portions affected by the I-45 project in a following post.

Your Comments have Helped!

We have received a draft copy of TxDOT’s revised plan for I-10 from Heights Boulevard to I-45 from their presentation to Superneigborhoods 14, 15, and 22 on November 11th. We are still opposed to this project, but thanks to your involvement there are a few wins worth celebrating!

See the entire draft presentation document here

The height of the project has been reduced

Originally slated to be nearly 90 feet high, the height of the main lanes has been lowered. Worth noting – this rendering is not to scale and to our knowledge no final project height has been stated.

Taylor woods has been preserved, mostly

Taylor Woods, the forested area south of White Oak Bayou between Taylor St. and Houston Ave. has mostly been spared, with TxDOT opting not to create a detention basin in its place (for now). A section – about 10% of the total area – will be taken for mainline widening.

There will be some noise mitigation

TxDOT has agreed to provide six foot rails on the outside of the elevated mainlanes. We believe there is more TxDOT can do here, which we will include in a following message with specific project recommendations.

TxDOT I-10 Virtual public meeting with open house option Jan 16 and 17

TxDOT will conduct two information sessions to present the updates to their plan. We urge you to attend and ask the following questions.

  • The project still shows lanes elevated significantly above the 100-year flood plain. Why can’t this project be lowered more?
  • What is TxDOT’s plan to ensure the protection of Taylor Woods during and after construction?
  • What is TxDOT’s plan to offer safe and convenient alternative bike and pedestrian routes during construction?
  • Has TxDOT considered additional noise mitigation measures, including quiet joints and quiet pavement?
  • Will TxDOT provide the entire integrated plan for I-10 from Voss Rd. to I-45? To date, we have seen only one segment, from Height Blvd. to 1-45.

Public Comment Recommendations from Save White Oak Bayou

Following the two information sessions, there will be a public comment period until February 1st. We will be providing a detailed guideline for you to use when submitting your comments, so be on the lookout for this soon!

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